Brooke and Dan Postcard Inn Wedding

We just got back from FL! Brooke and Dan’s wedding was a blast…and to give you any indication of how good a party it was, the bride ended up in the pool, in her wedding gown!

We made paper chains, programs, table numbers, escort cards, centerpieces, coasters, floral arrangements, you name it! We all did all the organizing and planning so, needless to say, we need a rest.  It was the most fun wedding we’ve done yet and here are some detail shots of the event.  All images by Portrayable Photography. 

MURPHY  060a MURPHY  018a MURPHY  012 MURPHY  006 MURPHY  009 MURPHY  008 MURPHY  056 MURPHY  058a-1 MURPHY  051 MURPHY  004 MURPHY  049 MURPHY  150 MURPHY  169olda MURPHY  284 MURPHY  369a MURPHY  285a MURPHY  498

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