Hudson, New York

This weekend we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  We decided to take another trip upstate to explore some more towns. So up the Taconic we went (again) and found ourselves in the lovely nautical town of Hudson.  Nautical, you say? Yes, it seems odd but after noticing the adorable whales that adorn every street sign, I got to wonderin’…we’re on the Hudson River, right?  Turns out this town was one of the most lucrative whaling towns outside Nantucket in the 19th century…even though it’s over 120 miles from the ocean.  Apparently, it’s smell and debauchery said it all – whales, ship captains and sea shanties were the regular for many years here in a town that was once one vote away from being the state capital! Here’s an article to edumacate you more (I won’t bore you with the deets).  Hudson looks and feels like a little port-side town in Maine…my kind of place!

We stayed at The Front Street Guest House right off of Warren Street.  It had so much 19th century charm!

We ate breakfast at MOD cafe and drank the famed Hudson Strongtree Coffee.

After that, we strolled down Warren Street to check out the many antique shops and boutiques.

Then, after a hearty nap, we ambled down to the river to watch the sunset (how romantical!)

Then, we had one of the best dinners I’ve every had (no hyperbole!) at Swoon Kitchenbar. We ate from their ever-changing farm-to-table menu. We closed the place down!

The next day we had breakfast (and more Strongtree Coffee) at Cafe Le Perche.

Then, on our way out of town we toured Olana, the home of Hudson River School artist, Frederick Church.  This place was astounding, with views of The Catskills and The Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Inside was just as breathtaking, they designed the entire interior based on trips they took to the Middle East.  Very dark and cozy…I want one!

After a brief stop for lunch at a local diner…

We stopped for some apples and butternut squash at the coziest farm stand we could find. I couldn’t pass up an apple turnover…

Hudson was so relaxing and I was so glad to spend some anniversary time with Mr.V – but man, was I happy to be home in the BK. Home is where the heart is!

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