Yum. And some

Going to be doing a lot more of this.  Remember when we used to write about food a lot (Brooklyn Plated ring any bells?).  Well, that might happen some more. I really miss cooking for friends.


I’ve never really addressed why we stopped. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to have Sunday Dinners or take pictures of food or eat that food. It was because I lost someone very important to me who read that blog every day.  He commented nearly every day as well and quite frankly, seeing his comments is like seeing a ghost and I couldn’t really bring myself to look at them anymore.   When he was sick, he would write to me about how much he loved reading the posts and imagined himself cooking a lot of the things.  So, sane as I am, I began to compulsively cook – just to make sure I had enough to share.  When he died, I realized a lot of those posts were for him. I think about him every day and I’m so glad we had something in common to talk about.  It’s been almost 2 years since he passed away and I’d like to start cooking for him again.

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