Happy Mother’s Day

It’s still strange that someone celebrates this day with me in mind.  We had a lovely picnic in Prospect Park and recalled the picnics we used to take in Paris and dreamed of taking Julian there someday soon…


Coral & Tusk Studio Visit

Coral & Tusk is one of my favorite textile designers and I’m so glad to have visited Stephanie Housley’s studio in Williamsburg. We picked up some things for Foxy & Winston.  I am SO excited about her new merit badges and bug pins.  I think Julian needs a Patridge badge for all the good work he does.  Oh and she also has this dog, Paco, who I might be having a love affair with.  THAT face??



Happy Halloween!

It’s my favorite holiday.  And now that I have a little guy to celebrate it with, it makes it all the more fun. Hello, homemade costumes! (until you want to be a Power Ranger and then that will kill a little bit of my soul).

For his first celebration, I made him a Narwhal – but everyone thought he was a unicorn.  Oh, Brooklyn.

IMG_2632 IMG_2640 IMG_2656

Yum. And some

Going to be doing a lot more of this.  Remember when we used to write about food a lot (Brooklyn Plated ring any bells?).  Well, that might happen some more. I really miss cooking for friends.


I’ve never really addressed why we stopped. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to have Sunday Dinners or take pictures of food or eat that food. It was because I lost someone very important to me who read that blog every day.  He commented nearly every day as well and quite frankly, seeing his comments is like seeing a ghost and I couldn’t really bring myself to look at them anymore.   When he was sick, he would write to me about how much he loved reading the posts and imagined himself cooking a lot of the things.  So, sane as I am, I began to compulsively cook – just to make sure I had enough to share.  When he died, I realized a lot of those posts were for him. I think about him every day and I’m so glad we had something in common to talk about.  It’s been almost 2 years since he passed away and I’d like to start cooking for him again.

New Job!!

I just started working as the studio director for Foxy & Winston, a boutique textile and letterpress design house in Red Hook.  I’m so excited. I love Jane Buck, I love Red Hook (mostly for Baked’s biscuits) and I love letterpress. Three of the best things ever!


On another note, it means I’m dissolving Rose & Virgina officially.  We saw it coming, for sure.  But I’d rather marry my talents with Jane’s and have a FAR better product than before.  I honestly, couldn’t be happier or more relieved about it.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Vanderberg.

I’ve been thinking about the details of our wedding lately and thought I would share.  We got married at The Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, CT.  It was such a beautiful day for us and everything came together perfectly.  There were so many homespun details that my Mom, Aunt, cousin Monica and I put together.  It was the inspiration for starting Rose & Virginia! Here are some pictures taken by Jane Shauck of Iris Photography.

Also, you can see a few more shots of the day on Brooklyn Bride!

Invitations by Blue Ribbon Letterpress

Programs by Blue Ribbon Letterpress

Cake made by my Aunt Rosanne Tancredi

Runners made my Mom and Aunt

Table Frames made by my Dad

My husband painted a special image for each table.

Blue Vipers of Brooklyn

Thank you and Goodnight!

I’ve been watching you for days now…

Outside my front window in Clinton Hill lives a very prosperous cherry blossom tree.  Every year I wait for her to bloom.  I never really feel like she gets a chance, however.  She starts off with little bulbs, then tiny petals start to appear, next a full flower and I expect she will eventually shine in all her glory! But, usually, the moment she’s fully pink and puffy, she becomes a beautiful mess.  I have enjoyed watching you, however…blossom