Happy Mother’s Day

It’s still strange that someone celebrates this day with me in mind.  We had a lovely picnic in Prospect Park and recalled the picnics we used to take in Paris and dreamed of taking Julian there someday soon…


Happy New Year – From Russia, With Love.


We celebrated at 3 pm because we’re parents and everyone knows we turn to stone at 9 pm (incidentally, we forced our friends to start celebrating that early as well).  But that just gave us a reason to eat different kinds of caviar and smoked fish and drink vodka because 3 pm’s when the Russians started 2013.  We ended up making it to New Years in Paris! which was quite a feat.  Happy New Year Y’all.  Hope it’s a good one.

Going Home.

My mother was the first person to show me how to appreciate good design.  She takes such care in her home, every nook and cranny is perfect, yet not at all unapproachable or unlivable.  Even the newly affixed baby gates on the stairs were custom made to fit her modern craftsman aesthetic (maybe that’s nuts? I dunno…). Here are some pictures of my parents home in CT.

IMG_3094 IMG_3098 IMG_3114IMG_2610IMG_3137

Happy Halloween!

It’s my favorite holiday.  And now that I have a little guy to celebrate it with, it makes it all the more fun. Hello, homemade costumes! (until you want to be a Power Ranger and then that will kill a little bit of my soul).

For his first celebration, I made him a Narwhal – but everyone thought he was a unicorn.  Oh, Brooklyn.

IMG_2632 IMG_2640 IMG_2656