Hello there…

Hi.  I’m going to start with a picture.  This is my family:

this is us.

this is us.

Meet Jess, James and Julian (no, we didn’t name him with a “J” because we had “J” names).  I’m fairly certain, you’ll like us. We’re fun. You’ll hear a lot about us here.

The Littlest War is a long time coming (more on that soon).  I’ve written a few blogs in my time – about different things.  I’m a pretty typical kind of lady.  I love food, and cooking, and looking a pretty things, and music, and making things with my hands and fun having.  This will be a lot of that.  After spending a long time taking things for granted, I’m committed to seeking out time in my life and pausing, even for a moment.  Pausing for the sad ones, the happy ones, the ones that make me laugh and the ones that make me cringe.  I just want to take those moments, bottle them up and know they happened.  I want you to know they happened too.

Signing off for now. Toodles.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s still strange that someone celebrates this day with me in mind.  We had a lovely picnic in Prospect Park and recalled the picnics we used to take in Paris and dreamed of taking Julian there someday soon…


Happy Halloween!

It’s my favorite holiday.  And now that I have a little guy to celebrate it with, it makes it all the more fun. Hello, homemade costumes! (until you want to be a Power Ranger and then that will kill a little bit of my soul).

For his first celebration, I made him a Narwhal – but everyone thought he was a unicorn.  Oh, Brooklyn.

IMG_2632 IMG_2640 IMG_2656